About Me




My name is Spencer Summerfield and I am a duathlete. Becoming the successful and passionate athlete I am today has not been an easy road. I have learned to overcome every obstacle life has thrown at me and use those experiences to better myself as a person. I believe that running and cycling help soothe the soul and when you throw in a competitive event like duathlon racing there is nothing better. We are all capable of extraordinary things we just have to set our minds to it. Being able to open up emotionally is part of being an athlete and I try and harness this in my training and everyday life. If I can motivate people by simply sharing my experiences and perhaps inspire them to start racing multisport events then I consider myself a success.

The clarity and focus running has provided me from such an early age has propelled me to where I am today a successful amateur duathlete. The perpetual “runners high” helps me clear my mind of negativity and enjoying every minute of what life has to offer.

Please navigate around and read some of the articles I have posted and leave comments or thoughts. Follow me on social media for the latest updates and more.

I have been racing duathlons since 2012 and in that short time I have had great results and experiences.