Belle River Duathlon – Race Report

Sprint National Championships Duathlon

Well today was another beautiful day for a race day, hot and sunny with a good breeze.
Kevin Switzer, Mary Case and Laura Clark from Balance Point Triathlon competed in the Sprint Triathlon National Championships – World Sprint qualifier for 2015 Chicago Illinois .

Myself and Chris Marentette competed in the he Sprint National Duathlon – World Qualifier for 2015 Adelaide Australia.

It was a great race today and I am happy with the overall result:
Spencer Summerfield – 1:04:10 (6/53) (1st in AG).

Run 1 – 19:21 (6th – 3:52 min/km)
The first run was decent and I followed the pack at the front but was still 3 minutes off of the leader Chris Moyer who ran a 16:59 – 5K. The wind was at our backs going out to the 2.5K turn around and I tried my hardest to stay with Daryl Flacks. The first half I held a strong pace and was 9 minutes even at the turn around. The last 2.5 ended up being slower than i had anticipated but I stuck it out knowing that the bike was next where I would hopefully make up 2 – 4 minutes.

T1 – 00:29
Quick but I did stop to catch my breath before un-racking my bike.

Bike – 32:34 (1st – 37.7km/h)
Exiting transition I had a solid mount on the bike with no hiccups as far as shoes and elastics are concerned. This is something I have been working on during my brick training rides. I took off and could feel the South West wind assisting me with a strong acceleration. I road hard trying to catch my fellow teammate Chris Marentette who was over a minute faster than me on the first run. At the 10 K turn around I caught him and next up was Matthieu Pelletier, Scott Breen and Shayne Dumouchelle. As soon as I took off from the turn around I put my head down and focused on keeping my cadence up around 90. Christopher Moyer had actually road past the 10K turn around I am not sure what happened there but he blew by my as I was turning and took off into the distance no doubt fuelled by anger because he realized something wasn’t right. I caught up to the next two guys, as I passed Scott he uttered some encouraging advice “go get him”.
I finally caught Matthieu and then at long last Chris with about 2-3km to go. I knew that I had made up a lot of time but that it wasn’t going to be enough to secure a lead on these guys with their strong finishing runs. Dismount was fine no issues there and I was able to hold my lead on the bike until T2.

T2 – 00:25
This was faster than T1 and I was able to rack my bike without issue and get out on the run.

Run 2 – 10:50 (11th – 4:21 min/km)
Heading out of T2 I was feeling a lot of tightness in my legs not pain just tight. Chris and Matthieu passed me quickly must have been within the first 100-200 meters and they were gone. I kept a steady pace and tried to lengthen out my stride to loosen the legs but they just wouldn’t. I felt exhausted by the 1.25 turn around and just kept the pace going Scott and Shayne passed me in the last kilometre my achilles heel if you will is my last run off of the bike no matter the distance. Daryl Flacks was ahead from the first run onward he slowly slipped out of sight in the last few kilometres of the bike. I kew he finished strong and was bound to be first or second.

I am working on my runs off of the bike and I just have to keep training to improve on them. My training shows that they are getting better but I am realizing that it is fatigue as a whole that is causing my body to not want to run. Overall I am happy with todays result and know that my training is still going strong and I just have to keep at it and help my body cope with its medication. Having a medically limited heart rate is proving to be more difficult that I thought.
My next goal will be to train my body to listen to my mind and push threw the fatigue. I feel that once my body learns to listen to my mind things will all come together and I will be abel to reach my goals. My goal for this race season is to break 1:00:00 in a Sprint Du.

A big thank you to Balance Point Triathlon and Gabbi Whitlock for her coaching and direction. Thanks Karen Rollins-Beneteau for showing up and cheering us all on as well.

Most of all thanks to my lovely wife Laura Noelle for cheering me on and providing support for me today at the race!

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Results from today can be found here:

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