Iron Hawk Provincial Duathlon 2014 – Race Report

Sprint Duathlon 5k-20k-2.5k

May 10th 2014


Place 21/81 – 1:07:00

Age Group Place 20-29   7/12

Run 1 – 20:08  (4:02 min/km) HR Avg 157 bpm

T1 – 0:36    15

Bike – 34:10  (35.1 km/hr avg)   HR Avg 151 bpm

T2 – 0:40

Run 2 – 11:29  (4:36 min/km)


My race goals were to run a 18:30 5K, bike with an average speed of 40km/hr and run the last 2.5K at a pace of 3:50 min/km.

 I have felt confident in my rac abilities since i ran the downtown 5K a few weeks ago, and i know my bike is very strong. I can always feel when rest week is coming my body really lets me know by tightening up a lot, but I honestly didn’t feel like that this week.

Race morning I woke up feeling great and ready to go, and I had prepped everything the night before so I wouldn’t have to rush around. The morning was going fine and I was on schedule, but just as we were getting to go I needed to stop and get gas and breakfast for Laura. This would have normally been fine but of course every red light was hit and getting out of the city took far too long. I didn’t arrive until 9:20 which was almost a full hour behind schedule. I tried to stay calm and even when we finally go there I was not feeling overly stressed out, just rushed and a little tense.

I racked my bike which was wherever and however I wanted and headed to registration. There I ran into Julia and Dan who had also just arrived not to long ago so I felt better about the whole thing. As we were getting out registration kits it was announced that everything was a little behind time wise anyways.

This is all well and good, but I know that as a result of this I was not prepared for race day and didn’t get a substantial warm up in. My run suffered tremendously as a result, at least that is what I am telling myself. 

Since transition closed shortly after I got there I was only able to set up my bike in transition and leave it.

I went right out for a run warm up and did my warm ups/stretches then counts. It was short but I didn’t want to let that get to me mentally.


The run went good to my knowledge I felt strong and was running a steady 3:40 pace every time I checked my watch, but the chip time shows a much slower result. There was such a strong group of runners there I tried to just run my race and kept to my comfortable pace not pushing to the max to early.


Coming into transition I was feeling great knowing that the bike was waiting and it was going to be a flat course. I was in and out of T1 in great time and had a great flying mount, but I definitely need to work on getting my elastics worked out as I always fumble my left shoe.


The bike was out and back  2x10k loops and 50% I would say was right into the west wind and it was blowing!!! I kept my head down and paddled hard into the wind and with it. I was able to pick people off slowly one by one because I could maintain 30-35km/hr into the wind! There was never really a full tail wind but when it was behind me I was able to maintain 40-45km/hr. The bike strong and I knew that I was able to make up any time I may have lost on the first run. At km 10 I got cramp in my right side and it was very sharp, I was not able to get the pain to subside on the bike. I didn’t like was that the turn arounds were on narrow roads and made almost a full stop to be required, this makes carrying speed impossible.


I got my shoes undone no problem and dismounted with fast feet and ran into T2 feeling fine. I racked my bike after locating my rack, it was not well marked at all as far as bike in/out and transition in/out.

I racked my bike removed my helmet then put my shoes/visor on and got a little turned around in T2 but made it out. There was no one in T2 to help orient anyone….. not a “Milk Race”  thats for sure.

Fast feet and slow breathing I ran out trying to relieve the cramp.


I was positive about the last loop knowing that the end was in near and this was the last step to victory!

The wind had picked up during the bike ride and the sun had come out by now. The 2.5K was by far the hardest run I have ever had, I forgot my garmin on the bike so I didn’t have a reference to see what my pace was, I knew it was slow but I was hoping that it was all in my head. My breathing finally relieved the cramp but honestly it was too late I was within the last 1K and the damage was done. Frustrated I pushed the the end and kept thinking positive thoughts.

I am feeling very tired, more so than usual after a race and I am sure part of it it medication and part of it is that my ego was a little bruised today with my run times.



– Run off the bike and breathing on the bike.

– Faster 5K time.

– Flying mount and not mess up my shoes’s elastics!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do Differently

– SHOW UP AT LEAST 1.5 HOURS before hand to warm up and get acquainted with transition in/outs.

– Stay overnight closer to the race site and not have to drive more than 1.5 hours before a race.

– Take my pre-race energy drinks and fuel.

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