Mpow Cheetah Sport Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Recently I purchased the Mpow® Cheetah Sport Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Stereo Headsets and after using them for a week I can say that they are without a doubt the best $33 headphones I have ever purchased. Music is a huge part of my life and its a rare day when I am not listening to Spotify on one of my devices.


Having used all kinds of corded headphones in the past from earbuds to the over the ear style but they all had the same issues. I was getting fed up with them either getting in the way while running or having the wiring go caput. The last pair is headphones I bought lasted about five months but eventually I would be running along and all of a sudden Siri thought I wanted to have a conversation with her on my iPhone… As you could imaging that is one of the most annoying things “Sorry I don’t understand” “Would you like me to look that up for you?” as I would curse and yell a Siri to put my music back on. I am sure some onlookers were wondering who I was yelling at as I ran down the sidewalk.

While I realize that to avoid the voice control problem I could use headphones that didn’t have volume buttons or voice control buttons but I like being able to change tracks without reaching back for my phone or fussing with the touch screen on my phone with sweaty fingers.

The last straw came one day when yet again my phone thought I had pressed the multifunction button and prompted me to talk to Siri… every thirty seconds or so. I took them off and thought there must be a better way, surly by now there was an affordable cordless bluetooth alternative available.

I fired up my and began my hunt for the following headphones that would meet my new criteria:

  1. Music controls at my fingertips
  2. Ergonomic and comfortable
  3. Bluetooth 4.1 (best sound quality)
  4. Great Battery Life (3+hrs)
  5. Inexpensive
  6. Good reviews

I often use amazon.COM knowing that I can get more reviews of products from the USA and then order off of the Canadian site if the price is right.

Searching for “Bluetooth running headphones” I came across the Mpow® Cheetah Sport headphones and 1800+ reviews and 4 out of 5 stars!  I must have read three pages of reviews and even some bad ones but enough good ons to head over to and see if they were available in Canada, sure enough they were.

To my surprise they were listed for $29.99 CAD and still had over 600+ reviews on  In the description a few things caught my attention as I compared the specifications to my list of criteria:

  1. Behind-Ear Ergonomics Design Guarantee 100% Stable when Exercise, Running, Climbing, Driving, Skating, Camping, Fishing and other Outdoor Sports. (Driving… I don’t think so but for everything else great.)
  2. Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX codec for high-fidelity stereo music (Sounds Fancy)
  3. Exercise is about breaking free so don’t let wires hold you back. Skip tracks, control volume, take calls with a quick tap of your headset. (Exactly what I want)
  4. Up to 8 hours talk/music time, up to 180hours standby Time. Go ahead and wear Mpow Cheetah all day. (8 hrs!!!)

After reading all that I can say I was ecstatic to see if they would live up to the hype I had read about so into the shopping cart they went.

Two days later thanks to PRIME I had my new fancy headphones in hand. Upon opening up the box there was a small instruction sheet a USB Mini charge cable and the headphones. The instructions told me to charge them for 3 hours before first use so I plugged them in and watched the red LED turn on……and waited……..and waited… eventually I left them alone and went and did other things. After 3-4 hours I returned to see the LED injector light had turned green and that was apparently to indicate a full charge.

I unplugged the USB cable grabbed my iPhone and fired up Spotify. They paired seamlessly and with no issues on my iPhone first try and to my surprise I even got and indicator beside the bluetooth icon displaying the battery level on the headphones.

For the next few hours I kept them on and cut the lawn, vacuumed and went for a run so first use was about 3 hours and they worked flawlessly. Talking phone calls, changing tracks and even texting via voice commands went off without a hitch.  No cord in my way and the sound quality was fantastic as promised. These new headphones had not only met but exceeded my expectations completely and I now use them while running on the treadmill also because that way I don’t have to have the music so loud the house is shaking which the wife and neighbours enjoy.

A few of best features :

  • Super light and comfortable
  • Pair them with multiple bluetooth sources and listen at once.
  • Phenomenal battery life (5+ hours no problem!)
  • Stand up to sweat very well so far, ever stood under a misting station in the park and didn’t think twice about them.

Most importantly there is no cord!  Finally a reasonable priced pair of headphones that are available to everyone. If you want to read the reviews or buy yourself a pair here is the link.  Happy listening!





5 thoughts on “Mpow Cheetah Sport Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

  1. Hey Spencer,
    Thanks for reviewing these. I got a pair from amazon last week after reading your review. Damn, these are great! They stay on tight, hold their charge, and the sound is pretty decent (considering they are Bluetooth). For $27.99…can’t really go wrong. Happy riding!

    1. One more thing, you can actually flip these and wear them upside down if you would prefer to keep your glasses on while on the trainer (sometimes putting contacts on at 5:15am is not how you want to start your day!). They don’t interfere with the arms that way – of course, they don’t look as cool but it works.

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