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Today marks one month of being on my new nutrition plan and I can say I feel better than ever. I visited Jennifer Broxterman at NutritionRX after having an absolute “bonk” that lasted almost a week. Our triathlon club #balancepointtriathlon has brought in Jennifer many times as a guest speaker to talk on nutrition and every time she has given great suggestions and ideas for everyone at all levels of activity. She works with marathon runners and NHL hockey players just to name a few and when my coach suggested that I visit her to check up on my nutrition I didn’t hesitate to see Jennifer the professional.


My training schedule is roughly 7+- hours a week split between running and cycling, so while that sounds like a lot I had been on this schedule for seven months and my body just go used to the training load. Fuelling for workouts has never been a problem but my overall calories were lacking quite a bit.

Keeping a food journal and tracking my weight has something that I had already been doing so the fact that I had that information at hand helped Jennifer to quickly identify some areas where my nutrition was lacking. The food study tracks what you eat, when you eat it and how you feel so for me it included breakfast, first snack, lunch, second snack, dinner, third snack.


When I started duathlon racing back in 2012 I weighed 172lbs and before visiting Jennifer I was down to 138lb. I lost a tremendous amount of weight over the past few years for someone who is only 5’11” mostly due to the huge amount of cardio and what I thought was better eating.

Jennifer identified that my eating patterns were good but that I was under eating protein in my snacks. Throughout the day I was taking in lots of calories but not focusing on things like nuts, seeds, hummus and cheese almost eating 100% carbs. My total amount of daily calories has been fairly good but I am wanting to gain some more weight and I was not helping myself. With her help I have revamped my meal plans and included more than doubled my original protein intake per day as well as started preparing more fresh snacks and eating more nutrition dense foods to help with weight gain.


One of my new personal Favourite snacks are “Oatmeal Pumpkin Flax Coconut Bars” they freeze great and last if you are taking them out on a 2hr ride. Click here for more great recipes on Jennifer’s website.

While doing my research on nutrition I read a great article written by Cody Beals where he talked about finding his race weight and how he felt healthier and faster when he was heavier. Click here for a read

I can relate to his post in the sense that after about a year of racing I found myself quickly loosing weight and while you initially become faster from the loss of weight you aren’t exactly becoming healthier. After this month on the new food plan I have gained 4.5 lbs and that is almost half way to my goal of 10 lbs of healthy weight. I rest around 142.5 lbs. any given day now and for me the largest difference is that I find myself with more energy all day long.  My body is much happier with the extra protein and calories and so am I.

To be honest I hadn’t even thought changing what I ate or how would make me any faster or better as an athlete but I can notice the change already. After running my first 5k of 2015 and setting a PB by a full 1:00, I can tell you its working. Some times its the little changes that make the most difference and by fuelling my body better I know that the future is looking brighter as I get smarter as an athlete.

I am thankful to Jennifer Broxterman and look forward to my followup with her in a few weeks, she joins as me as part of my athlete toolkit.

Check out her website here and read up on nutrition for yourself.



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