Random Weekend Fun – Decompress CX Ride

This past weekend I decided to find out if some of the trails, paths and wooded areas I used to ride as a kid were still around. I have at the benefit (some say) of living in the same city my entire life, my wife and I live just a few kilometres from both our parents so I have watched the area develop and change over the last 20+ years.


As London develops and spreads out like a virus in every direction I feel lucky to still be able to ride 5 minutes from home and be here. Quiet empty fields still full of deer and various wildlife creatures.

I left my house and road threw some crappy road construction that never seems but worse than that obnoxious drivers…. within seconds cars were angrily passing me and nearly rubbing my handlebars… but you grow custom to that in fact riding in the city. I quickly turned off into my childhood neighbourhood and headed to the fields that run parallel to the CN and CP train tracks. You can follow the tracks along and work your way down to the thames river through fields and trails that go threw old farmers fields and wooded dirt paths.
*Fun Fact* At this point the CN and PC Rail tracks are closest to one another than anywhere else!




It was nice to get out on and ride in the long missed sunshine and just unwind and reflect back on everything that has changed since I had been on these trails last (9+ years) . To my surprise all of these paths and trails were exactly how I remembered them nothing had changed in the slightest.

There are loads of trails that follow the thames river and some great trail running paths that I will be going out on this summer now that the nice weather has returned.



Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.36.27 PM














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