SOUL TRANSFORM On-Ear Headphones – Product Review

As someone who spends hours on my bike trainer and treadmill all winter long I rely on a quality set of headphones to keep the music pumping. I have been using the SOUL Transform On-Ear Headphones now for over a year and I can honestly say that they are standing up to the rigorous usage very well. Originally I purchased them in January of 2016 and since then they have been absolute workhorses for me. I have reviewed some wireless ear buds in the past but honestly those have taken a back seat to these. I managed to sweat my way through a few pairs of the other headphones over the years but what do you expect for something in the $20-$30 range. That being said I will jump to the biggest problem I have with the SOUL headphones. The price, at $99US they are defiantly not the cheapest headphones available. I was able to get a pair for less than that by watching for sales and discount codes. I did buy them direct from the manufacturer because they were not easy to find in Canada for a reasonable price. Do some clever googling and you will find them for a decent Canadian price, caution shipping comes from Germany though.

How I discovered the SOUL TRANSFORM headphones and why I chose them

To be honest I saw an ad pop up one day on a web page I was browsing and saw “WASHABLE EAR PADS” in the text. Clicking on the ad (which I seldom do because usually my ad blocker hides all that stuff) I was taken to the SOUL Electronics web page. There I was faced with countless choices of wireless and wired headphones. Most were designed to be worn during activity or exercise so I dug deeper.  I narrowed my search based on the following characteristics, wired, sweat proof, light weight, inline remote and great colour.

Immediately it was clear there were two choices the Transform or the Combat+ but the Combat ones were wireless and I have run into issues with interference in the past.  (When I turn the treadmill fans on my bluetooth headphones cut in and out like crazy) and let’s be honest who wants to listen to music cutting in and out…not me.

I focused on the TRANSFORM headphones and upon reading the reviews and comments on the site realized they were a perfect fit. The biggest selling feature was that you can remove the ear pads and actually wash them. Throw them in a load of laundry of soak them in oxy-clean and they are as fresh as can be. The headphones are considered “On-Ear” meaning they sit on the ear but I have small ears and they completely surround mine.

“Moisture wicking earpads keep you dry during your workouts and the removable pads make washing them easy.”



Looking over the specs they also listed the inline remote which is mandatory for me so I could turn up or down the volume and play/pause of skip songs. When you are working on a hard interval and a slower song comes on it can really spoil the mood so having that control is key. A breathable headband and weighing in at just 150 grams they were looking better and better. Most importantly (for some) the colour choices. Three options (red-black) (blue-black) (fluorescent yellow-grey) I opted for the blue-black but if the yellow had a black option they would have been my first choice.

  • Weight – 150g
  • Dimensions – 164W x 178H x 72D (mm)
  • Maximum Input Power – 50mW
  • Connector Type – 1/8″ (3.5mm) Gold Plated
  • Cable In-line Control – Play/Puase, Volume and Answer/End key
  • Speaker Diameter – 40mm
  • Cable length – 1.2M – 49″
  • Frequency Response – 20-20KHz
  • Driver Type- Dynamic



 If you are looking for some on-ear headphones for use while running on your treadmill or cycling indoors then check out the SOUL TRANSFORM headphones, over a year of heavy sweat and usage these are just as they were day one. The headphones are loud, full of bass, easily to clean, light weight and reliable as long as you can swallow the price. I say worth it given they should last years and years and I am hard on gadgets.
Those of you thinking that’s great Spencer but what about the short cord….The answer to that is simply buy a (TRRS) 9′ (4-Pole) 3.5mm extension from for around $15. I have two extensions giving me 18′ if I need it so I can
travel from the bike to the treadmill and vice versa all while staying plugged in and maintaining inline remote controls.
 * NOTE * If you want to keep the inline controls / mic working then you need a 4-pole (TRRS) not to be confused with a 3-pole(TRS) headphone extension

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